• What Is exactly is a Lemon?
    A lemon is a car that has had repeat issues requiring shop work generally covered by the warranty.
    What Are Lemon Laws and why?
    In our opinion California has the best lemon laws in the country. They are put in place to insure that quality of vehicles that are for sale. If a manufacturer puts a car for sale is should be a working vehicle. That laws prevent people from repeat trips to the dealership.
    Which vehicles do lemon lays apply for?
    California’s lemon law, the Song-Beverly Consumer Warranty has been in place for years. It covers all vehicles including boats and other recreational vehicles. ”
    What cars are covered?

      California’s lemon law covers all cars that are underwarranty, whether they’re new or used. There are different types of warranties that your used car could have:

    • The manufacturer’s warranty could still be in effect. A manufacturer’s warranty is often good for 3 years or 36,000 miles, whichever comes first, but it may be longer. Some manufacturers’ powertrain warranties cover the car for ten years, even if the car’s owner changes
    • Your used car could have a dealer’s written warranty. Used cars that are for sale at dealerships have a Buyers Guide displayed on them. Among other things, the Buyers Guide has a “Warranty” box and an “As Is” box. If the “warranty”box was checked, then your car came with a dealer’s warranty and is covered under the California lemon law
    • It could have a certified pre-owned (CPO) vehicle warranty

    How Long Does It Take to Reach a Settlement?

    Generally speaking we should be able to reach an agreement with your manufacturer within two months. 

    Our goal is to move you along through the process as quickly as possible. We have experience with each manufacturer. 

    How Many Times Do I Have to Take My Car in for Repairs?

    There is not a one size fits all answer to this problem. It depends on the type of issue you are having and the warranty provided. We have seen cars taken in a few times with serious warranty issues. It comes down to our skills of negotiation with a correct representative from each manufacturer. We have done this multiple times so we know how to handle the claims. 

    The Dealer Told Me that My Car Isn’t a Lemon. Should I Still Call You?

    The employees at the dealership are not lawyers. They do not know the California and Federal laws surrounding what a lemon is defined as. We do have the experience and understanding to make that decision. Make sure to speak with a qualified professional. 

    What if I Bought the Car in Another State?

     There are multiple laws in multiple states. We can research the state to state laws. We can also see how your case fits into federal lemon law. Let us do the research for you. We do not charge you a dime for our labor. Give us a call and let us find out! 

    How Much Can I Recover?

    You might be entitled to sell your car back to the manufacturer. This will result in a cash payout to remedy your situation. Every case varies drastically based on what you paid for your specific vehicle.  

    Why Do I Need a Lemon Law Attorney—Can’t I Just File the Claim Myself?

    You do have the right to file your claim yourself, without a lawyer. The manufacturer more than likely knows you do not have the legal experience or knowledge that an attorney does. They will offer you less money and try to make a far more beneficial arrangement for themselves than if you had a qualified attorney.